Box Pressed Line

Brazilian Cubra was a wrapper we knew little about. We tried it, as we tried to sample everything the producers had. The wrapper is stamped “Ligero” on the bail. The unique traits were that it was a maduro-looking wrapper, but it had no earth, and while being intense it was gentle on the palate.

This process was like the perfection line, but this blend happened faster, perhaps the tobacco gods were pleased. We used a great deal of piloto selections and this gave the cigar the center depth, which rounded out the blend.

The sizes were all trunk pressed for two reasons. First, we could use larger ring gauges and they would still be comfortable to smoke. Second, pressed cigars are rolled round and less dense, so they can be pressed properly. We found the blends performed better with this adjustment.


Brazilian Cubra


Dominican Piloto


Dominican Criollo 98'
Dominican Piloto



(54 X 7)


(52 X 5¾)


(47 X 5½)


(46 X 4¼)


(55 X 5 5/8)