Not Your
Regular Smoke

The delicate and dedicated selection of each of the tobaccos used make La Instructora rare, unique and excellent cigars.

Rare Tobacco

We use a fine selection of rare tobaccos aged in the facilities of Tabacalera Palma.

Special Blends

Unique and incomparable blends created by Jochy Blanco with years of trial and error until reaching perfection.

Hand Made

Handcrafted with love by fine cigar artisans of generations of tobacco makers.

Unique Packaging

Fine boxes of precious wood made by hand by artists from the Cibao Valley.

Five Years
Old Tobacco

The process to achieve a perfect cigar is to have high quality tobaccos, that is why we control all the crops of the tobaccos used and we age them for a minimum of five years to obtain the most exquisite aromas at the time of the final smoke.

Harvested in the Cibao Valley region of the Dominican Republic by a team of experts from Tabacalera Palma that pays attention to detail in the growth, processing and aging of each of the crops.

Imagine Your Day
Simplified With
La Instructora

Aromas that will captivate you and will make this your special smoke of the day, blends created to simplify the life of each of the smokers when selecting a cigar that will never fail them.

And This Is What Happened
With The Paint!

Watch Jochy Blanco painting tobacco.

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